Fender Guitar Wall Hanger – safety concerns

I have purchased Fender Guitar Wall Hanger to… hang my guitar on the wall. It looked like a simple device that you can get in four different colors. I have recently received the hanger and tried to secure it to the wall. Immediately after opening the package, I have noticed something that looked strange to me. The fork mount for the guitar goes into the hole in the wooden part but on the other end, it is just held by friction by a plastic cap with a small tab that goes into the recess. Unfortunately, the tab broke easily while trying to push the cap onto the end of the fork mount. Now, the whole assembly easily slides out of of the wooden block.

Even with the plastic tab, would you trust the mount to hold your guitar? Maybe if the mount is used for a static display, then yes but a frequent use may just simply pull the fork out of the wood block with time.

Another issue was the mounting screws. In my opinion, they are too short if you want to drive them into the wall studs. If the sheetrock has a thickness of 1/2 inch, the screws will drive only 1/4 inch into the wood studs. That’s not enough in my opinion. Substituting the included screws with longer ones is not too expensive or too hard but I think longer screws should be included by default.

Those are just my observations regarding this particular Fender guitar mount. I have send my concerns directly to Fender and I am awaiting their reply.

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