Kenwood KA-7100 amplifier

After taking a short (or long) break from audio equipment, I am sort of back. Recently, I have acquired Kenwood KA-7100 amplifier. One of the channels was cutting out and controls were scratchy. After disassembling the amplifier and treating it with De-Oxit, the channel was back in action and controls got quiet. I had the amplifier setup to play internet radio from a Raspberry Pi running Volumio. Raspberry Pi was connected to the switched output on the amplifier so turning the switch on, powered the whole system and radio was playing within about 30 seconds (Raspberry Pi needs time to boot).

The amplifier presents itself nice and produces 60W per channel. The loudness switch has two positions. It also supports connecting two tape decks which can extend the number of equipment that can be connected to it. Sound was good and performance was solid. I guess I am used to the colored Marantz I also own so I wasn’t blown away. That shouldn’t though stop you in getting one of those great amplifiers. They are plenty and fairly cheap entry into a vintage stereos. Their construction allows for easy recap if needed.

Here is a picture of the amplifier setup in my entertainment center:

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