Konica Autoreflex T film camera – blast from the past

Not that long ago, somebody from my town posted a free old camera for pickup. It was only a few blocks away, so I got in my car and picked up a vintage Konica Autoreflex T film camera. It was just a body so I had to scour Ebay for a lens. Picked up a Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.7 lens which I think is regarded as one of the best 50mm lenses you can get for a vintage Konica cameras. The batteries that this Autoreflex T takes are no longer made unless you want to spend fair sum of money for a modern equivalents. I just put LR44 knowing that those are 1.5V vs 1.35V for the old mercury batteries. If I will actually start using this camera, I will need either an external light meter or make sure I am not forgetting to adjust the shutter/aperture for the additional voltage the LR44 batteries are providing.

Konica Autoreflex T film camera

Back in the days, photography was my hobby but then digital era came and snapping photos became a second nature like breathing. Taking thousands of photos every year, failing to properly categorize them and not going back to view the moments that were captured. Am I going back to taking photos using film camera? Probably not but I may run few rolls of film thru this vintage piece of gear just to see if I still remember how to set things manually without knowing the end result until I get it back from the lab couple of weeks later.

Konica Autoreflex T film camera with lens

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