Refoaming speakers – Advent Tower II

A while ago, I brought home Advent Tower II speakers. Simple two-way design in a small tower box. The woofer’s surrounds were shot so I did not even test the speakers. I got some generic 8″ woofer surrounds from Ebay hoping to restore the drivers to their original state. This was my first refoam job. Honestly, the most time is spent cleaning the woofer’s frame from the old glue residue. You also have to be careful cleaning the paper cone. Once all it is cleaned, new surrounds were glued to the frame and cone using Aleen Tacky Glue. It goes on white and dries clear. Surround got glued to the cone first, then I ran 30 Hz test tone thru the speaker to center the coil. While that was playing, I have applied glue to the metal basket and glued surround to it. The whole process is fairly easy. You just have to make sure that the coil is centered and not scratching when pushed in and out.

Here are couple of photos of the project. Last photo shows new surround all setup but the glue is still drying.

Refoaming speakers - Advent Tower II

The project was a success and the speakers work great. New surrounds most likely extended the life of those Advents for another 10 years if not more.

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