Replacing supercapacitor in Onkyo Integra T-4087 tuner

If you have an Onkyo Integra tuner that has memory problems, the culprit is most likely a supercapacitor that Onkyo used to provide power for preset memory when unit is unplugged. My newly acquired tuner was diagnosed with such condition. Capacitor replacement is fairly simple procedure as you just have to observe the polarity. Other than that, just get an exact replacement. In case of my tuner, the T-4087, it was a 0.047F 5.5V supercap (C409 on schematic). If you download service manual for your tuner, it should state which capacitor (or sometimes battery) is responsible for maintaining preset memory.

As always, I take picture of the component to be replaced. It is the big flat blue capacitor.

Here is the old one vs the new one. I was actually surprised that the replacement is actually slightly bigger. Usually, it is the other way around when it comes to capacitors.

Supercapacitor was replaced and tuner’s memory is as good as new.

9 thoughts on “Replacing supercapacitor in Onkyo Integra T-4087 tuner

    • Alex Post authorReply

      I have replaced it with the same value capacitor which I was able to find on Ebay. The capacitor was also correct size to fit on the PCB without any modifications.

  1. Henrik Bender Reply

    I own a T-4500 and cannot seem to locate it inside the tuner. Anyone who can assist `?

  2. Martin G Nash Reply

    I have owned an Onkyo Integra T-4150 since the mid 1980’s. I bought it from new and the tuner memory failed after around 2 years. It was somewhat intermittent, working occasionally. Last year it suddenly started working over a period of about three months then that was it. I had read about the Super Capacitor many years ago but this is the first time I’d seen a spec and description.
    I’m so very grateful to Audio 44. The description was perfect and once I had the capacitor out found it was exactly the same spec. Ordered one from High Noon Investments Ltd, East Sussex, delivered in 8 days, installed in around 30 minutes and seems to work perfectly.

    Many thanks again.

  3. Martin G Nash Reply

    Many thanks again Alex,
    As a matter of interest, how long would you expect these larger super capacitors to maintain the tuner memory? I’ve gone two days without a problem. When new, it seemed to last for weeks.
    Kind regards Martin

  4. Alex Post authorReply

    The performance of the capacitor should be the same as the old one (when new). Just keep in mind that the supercapacitors have higher self-discharge rate and can store less energy vs battery of the same size. So if you compare them to the battery, the battery will hold the memory of your tuner longer than capacitor. I do not know the specs of the tuner’s circuit but since it was designed with supercapacitor, I wouldn’t worry about it unless you experience long power outages in your area.

  5. Martin G Nash Reply

    Thanks once again Alex. With regard to ‘power outages’ is the capacitor charge maintained even though the tuner is off at the tuner switch but the power remains on. I noticed there were leads directly from the mains cable to the PCB and the switch on the tuner seemed to control the display as much as anything else. Excuse my electronics ignorance.

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