Sansui 661 LED mod

Here is another LED mod that I have done. This time to the Sansui 661 receiver. I tried to build the LEDs myself but unfortunately, I have failed miserably. So for a very reasonable price, I have ordered drop-in LED replacements from Ebay seller whsh94a. He doesn’t have the LEDs listed on Ebay but if you contact him, he will make custom LEDs for you. He told me that in order to keep the display color close to original, I would need mix-color LEDs. I took his advice and ordered what he prescribed. And as promised, when I installed the LEDs, the display was vibrant and as green as it should be.

Sansui 661 LED mod

One thing which is worth mentioning is that the LEDs do not have the resistance of the incandescent bulbs. In my case that made the stereo indicator light on all the time. So what I had to do was to add 120 Ohm resistor across the LED leads. That fixed the problem.

That’s it. With the LED drop-in replacements, the whole mod took 15 minutes. Most of it was spent disassembling the case.

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