Sansui 661 – upgrading wired-in fuses

Here is a quick and easy upgrade that will replace the wired-in fuses in Sansui 661 receiver with a standard fuse clips. I have decided to do this mod after one of the fuses blew. Honestly, I do not know why Sansui (or any other manufacturer) would put wired fuses in their devices. Anyway, for a little less than $2, I got set of 20 fuse clips from China thru Ebay and was ready to do some soldering. This process does not need any introduction or extensive write-up so I just go straight to the pictures that will tell the story.One thing worth mentioning is that if you want the fuse clips to be lined up nicely, before you start soldering, put an old fuse in the clips. This will keep them aligned.

The goal of this project was to go from this:

Sansui 661 - upgrading wired-in fuses

To this:

Sansui 661 - upgrading wired-in fuses

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