Upgrading speaker binding posts in Sansui AU-101

The Sansui AU-101 amplifier has very inconvenient way of attaching speakers. Basically, you need speaker wire with a spade connector. The wire is tightened by a screw. It is very easy to short two posts when something slips. Even this amplifier is used as a headphone amp, I have decided to upgrade the speaker binding posts. I bought cheap new posts on Ebay and waited couple of weeks to get them delivered from China. The quality of the binding posts is surprisingly good for such inexpensive product.

The existing screws in Sansui are mounted on a plastic panel so they are not grounded with chassis. This made the whole operation a lot easier as the binding posts I bought were not isolated. After removing the screws, I have flattened the remaining mounting hardware and clipped the tabs in the back. The new posts screwed nicely in the old mounting hardware. All I had to do was to secure them with the nut and washer in the back. The whole operation took less than 10 minutes as there are only three wires that need to be soldered.

Here is a shot before:

And one after:

I highly recommend this mod to anybody that owns this amplifier (or similar one).

8 thoughts on “Upgrading speaker binding posts in Sansui AU-101

  1. lukenukum Reply

    hi there, looks a great mod! i’ve just got myself an AU-101 and am looking to do this but haven’t soldered before… will it be obvious what needs to be soldered when i take the case off?

    • Alex Post authorReply

      It is very obvious what goes where as there is only one wire going to each post. Just mark them with a colored tape (red and black) and you will be all set. IIRC, same ground wire connects both black posts so you need to worry about the positive wire only.

  2. Jon Reply

    Would you able to do a youtube of this explain step by step in how you have done this

  3. peterjgillies Reply

    Nice! Thats the very reason I blew my chanel. To do this replacement what specifically am I looking to buy? Sorry for the newbie question.

  4. Alex Post authorReply

    All you need is two pairs of speaker binding posts. Get something similar to what I have and you will be all set in no time.

    • peterjgillies Reply

      ahh i thought that the ‘bindings’ were attached the screwed on panel, and that whole thing would have to be replaced. So the bindings just fit in the same hole as the current (missing) screws posts. Sweet. Unfortunately the amp has now ceased to turn on at all, it has been about 10yrs since I had it on last so its gonna be an attempted full service, replacing the fuses and all that. There seems to be a few forums covering this so hopefully i can get a direct list from someone on exactly what i should get to do the job, I know welding soldering, however my electrical soldering is zero so could be fun… not an idiot but prob gonna be seeking help. Suprised no one has made a youtube vid about the process there is so many folk asking about it. Cheers for your help Alex

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