Upgrading speaker posts on Marantz 2216 receiver

After a while, you can really get tired of the small and crappy speaker terminals on vintage Marantz receivers. They constantly cut wires, are tiny and pain to use.

Unfortunately, because they are so tiny and closely spaced, there is no easy way to just replace them with posts that accept banana plugs. I have asked around at the audiokarma.org community for suggestions and one AKer replied with solution to just replace one set of speaker posts. Since I never have more than one pair of speakers connected to the receiver, I thought that this would be a good option.

So here it is. An upgraded speaker posts on my Marantz 2216 receiver.

I can now use speaker cable with banana plugs. In the picture above, the plate where the posts are mounted is aluminum but the terminals are isolated. If you are thinking of using other type of speaker posts, you may want to mount them on a plastic plate.

1 thought on “Upgrading speaker posts on Marantz 2216 receiver

  1. Enrico Lucca Reply

    Hi. I’m looking for this old spekers connector to fix my old Marantz 1070 (I need only one – red- of this connector, where to push with the finger). Do anyone knows where to find it at a reasonable cost?
    Thanks a lot!
    (sorry for my bad English)

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